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Arthur W. Brown Quality Furniture

Arthur W. Brown Manufacturing was started in 1988 by two brothers, Anthony and Phil Sabatino. We brought our ideals,integrity and great enthusiasm to the business, and have forged ahead at full steam ever since. Family owned and run, every detail is reviewed to ensure quality. AWB has successfully grown our product line from a few simple bookcases to a comprehensive collection of versatile and customizable furniture.

We have built upon the strength of our experience,yet we always have an eye towards the future and an ear towards our customers. Innovation is our mission, prompting us to continually add products, features and accessories to the AWB line. By getting out there on the front lines, being involved in the industry, and maintaining good relationships with our retailers, we make sure we know what people are asking for so that we can figure out how we can best meet those needs. 

AWB stays several steps ahead at all times!

At Arthur W. Brown, we believe a key to our success is maintaining open communication with our retailers and their customers. We’ve spent the last 20 years honing our craft, growing our inventory, assisting retailers to market our product line and ultimately satisfying thousands of customers!  

With Arthur W. Brown, you don’t just get quality Real Wood Furniture – you get a commitment to excellence.

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