Our Story

Hello, we are Bare Wood Fine Wood Furniture.

About Bare Wood Fine Wood Furniture - Groton CT's Finished, Unfinished & Custom Finished Furniture Store

On May 1, 2006 Bare Wood Fine Wood Furniture opened at its present location at 976 Poquonnock Road, Groton Connecticut. Our goal is to provide fine quality wood furniture at affordable prices coupled with paramount customer service. Through determination, hard work and dedication to its customer, Bare Wood Fine Wood Furniture has not only continued to thrive but has actually expanded.  Bare Wood now offers custom designed and built furniture by finish carpenter Kevin Lemoi.  If you are looking for something unique come in and talk with Kevin about your ideas!

Bare Wood Fine Wood Furniture has established itself as the retailer of choice for fine finished and unfinished wood furniture in the Groton area.

Bare Wood Fine Furniture is:

A leading All Wood Furniture Store & Custom Finishing Center - All furniture is made with SOLID wood. There is no particle board or other artificially fabricated materials involved in the production process. Our staff are finishing experts and enjoy helping our customers choose finishing options catered specifically to their furniture choices.

A certified Member of the Unfinished Furniture Association and a Charter Member of its certification of "Soild Wood Furniture Finished Your Way" - The Unfinished Furniture Association is an alliance of more than 650 retailers, manufacturers, and sales representatives in North America that sets quality assurance guidelines for the ready to finish wood furniture industry. Bare Wood Fine Furniture is honored to be a part of this association and abides by these guidelines.

Comprised of a dedicated and resourceful team - The Bare Wood Fine Furniture staff is dedicated to our customers. Our friendly team will work together to get the job done right and to keep our customers satisfied and coming back.

Focused on sustainability - Many Bare Wood Fine Furniture products carry the FSC label which independently certifies wood furniture to assure consumers that they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

At the center of Bare Wood Fine Furniture's success is affordable, quality all-wood furniture. At Bare Wood Fine Furniture we are passionate about matching our customers with superior quality furniture that they can have finished their way.

17 Years of Experience

Time flies when you are having fun they say, and we enjoy serving our Groton community. You don't stay in business for this long without treating customers right and offering an incredible product!

10,000+ Happy Customers

We offer fantastic home furnishings and go out of our way to do things right the first time. We don't know everything but we DO know WOOD! We choose the best products we can offer at the best value possible.

What makes us better?

We offer furnishings MADE IN USA by American manufacturers and our furnishings pass through several hardworking Americans before it arrives at your home or business.

Why purchase from Us?

When you support a locally owned business like ours, you ensure that your dollars are spread back out into the local community by us and our employees who live and work here also!

Buy Local and Keep the Groton area Thriving

We love serving the Groton area and appreciate your choice to shop with us! By doing so you are supporting a locally owned business and our employees who live, work, and shop in the same community. It creates a circle of benefits for all of us who call Connecticut home.